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The KeyWay Real Estate Team is a group of real estate professionals who help buyers and sellers in Nanaimo, BC. They’ve been serving Nanaimo with their real estate needs for 10+ years.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Generating 70+ leads per month
  • Implemented an automated lead follow-up system
  • Optimized bidding strategies to obtain the lowest possible cost per lead in the Nanaimo market


The client was already quite established in the community as a leading realtor, but they lacked a scalable lead generation process to help fill their sales pipeline and keep their team selling homes. The client was running their own Google PPC Ads, but after spending a fair bit of money with no return, they decided to get a Google Certified professional to help them with their real estate lead generation needs.


Upon being contracted, Instant Online Success conducted an extensive analysis of the client’s existing PPC advertising account. It was discovered that a significant portion of the client’s marketing budget was being allocated towards traffic that lacked high intent or relevance to their offerings, resulting in ineffective spending.

Our primary objective was to drive traffic to the client’s website from individuals actively interested in purchasing a home in the near future. We aimed to encourage these visitors to sign up on the website and engage in browsing real estate listings, thus becoming valuable leads for the real estate sales team to follow up with.

To achieve this, we performed a thorough analysis of the client’s service area and developed a new Google Ads campaign specifically targeting the most commonly searched real estate phrases. Employing conservative bidding strategies, we aimed to maximize cost efficiency while acquiring leads. As a result of our efforts, the client obtained an impressive 135 leads in the first month of service.

Once a lead registered on the client’s website, we implemented an automated follow-up system that maintained communication via email and text messages for up to 365 days after sign-up. This ensured continuous nurturing of leads and maintained the client’s brand presence long after initial interaction, keeping their brand at the forefront of potential buyers’ minds.

Through our strategic approach, we not only generated a significant number of leads for the client but also established a comprehensive follow-up system to foster ongoing engagement and brand awareness among potential homebuyers.

Automated Lead Nurturing

After a lead registers on the client’s website, Instant Online Success implements an automated follow-up system that maintains consistent contact with the lead through email and text messages for an entire year. This approach ensures that the leads receive ongoing nurturing and engagement, keeping the client’s brand at the forefront of their minds beyond the initial sign-up phase.

The automated follow-up system is designed to provide valuable and relevant content to the leads, keeping them engaged and informed about the real estate market and the client’s offerings. By nurturing the leads over an extended period, the client’s brand remains top of mind throughout their home buying journey, establishing trust and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

The system is carefully designed to deliver personalized and targeted messages based on the lead’s preferences and behavior. This tailored approach ensures that the communication remains relevant and valuable to each individual lead, increasing the effectiveness of the follow-up process.

By implementing this automated follow-up system, Instant Online Success enables the client to maintain an ongoing relationship with their leads, increasing the chances of conversion and ensuring that the client’s brand remains a trusted and preferred choice even beyond the initial contact.


Increase in real estate leads
  • 135 real estate buyer leads were generated in the first month
  • Generating around 75 leads per month on average
  • Implemented automated lead follow-up system
  • Helping the client stay top of mind up to 365 days after a lead sign up to the website

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