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Total Processing is a fully customizable and white-labeled customer finance solution for the e-commerce checkout process and payment Solutions. Customers looking to make a purchase but who aren’t quite ready to shell out the dough can pay by the slice in monthly installments. Credit approval is built right into the shopping experience.

Total Processing Challenge

Initially, Total Processing’s performance in Paid Search and Social was stagnant, leading management to consider reallocating their PPC budget towards other direct sales initiatives. The quality of leads generated was also subpar. However, we adopted a systematic approach by meticulously analyzing each channel, focusing on high-quality keywords and leveraging lookalike audiences that had a higher likelihood of converting into valuable customers.

This detailed analysis is our standard procedure when working with clients. We delve into the specifics of their business model, profit margins, and target audience. By doing so, we were able to identify and optimize the key factors that would drive quality lead generation. As a result of our efforts, the quality of leads increased by an impressive 65%.

Our commitment to in-depth analysis and continuous refinement ensures that we consistently deliver tangible results for our clients. By fine-tuning strategies and targeting the right audience segments, we effectively boost lead quality and contribute to the overall success of our clients’ campaigns.


Increase in Clicks
Decrease in CAC

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